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Strontium Chromate, SrCrO4

Strontium Chromate, SrCrO4, is formed when an alkali chromate is added to solutions of strontium salts. It appears to be dimorphic, since it separates from concentrated solutions as long, slender, highly refracting needles, but from very dilute solutions as thick hexagonal prisms. It is obtained in rhombic scales when strontium chloride is fused with sodium chromate or potassium chromate. It is a yellow powder, of density 3.353, and slightly soluble in water, 1 part being dissolved by 831.8 parts of water. It is readily soluble in acids, in solutions of ammonium salts, and in molten sodium nitrate.

Double salts of strontium chromate have been obtained by double decomposition with alkali chromate solutions, the latter being concentrated and in excess; K2Sr(CrO4)2 and (NH4)2Sr(CrO4)2 both yield yellow crystals which are decomposed by water. The additive compound (SrCrO4.3HgCl2)2HCl has been described.

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