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Chromium in PDB, part 1 (1-9), PDB files 1huo - 9icc

Experimental structures of coordination spheres of Chromium (Cr) in bioorganic molecules from X-Ray and NMR experiments. Coordination spheres were calculated with 5.0 Angstroms radius around Chromium atoms.
PDB files 1-9 (1huo - 9icc):
  1. 1huo - Crystal Structure of Dna Polymerase Beta Complexed With Dna and Cr-Tmppcp
  2. 1huz - Crystal Structure of Dna Polymerase Complexed With Dna and Cr-Pcp
  3. 1j3f - Crystal Structure of An Artificial Metalloprotein:Cr(III)(3, 3'-ME2-Salophen)/Apo-A71G Myoglobin
  4. 1lm2 - uc(Nmr) Structural Characterization Of the Reduction of Chromium(VI) to Chromium(III) By Cytochrome C7
  5. 1sm8 - M. Tuberculosis Dutpase Complexed With Chromium and Dutp
  6. 1zqe - Dna Polymerase Beta (Pol B) (E.C. Complexed With Seven Base Pairs Of Dna; Soaked in the Presence of CRCL3 (Saturated Solution)
  7. 2a01 - Crystal Structure of Lipid-Free Human Apolipoprotein A-I
  8. 2z68 - Crystal Structure of An Artificial Metalloprotein: Cr[N- Salicylidene-4-Amino-3-Hydroxyhydrocinnamic Acid]/Wild Type Heme Oxygenase
  9. 9icc - Dna Polymerase Beta (E.C. Complex + 2'- Deoxyadenosine-5'-Triphosphate, Soaked in the Presence of Datp and CRCL3


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